Matthias Mölleney

  • Director of the Center for Human Resources Management & Leadership at the Zurich School of Economics
  • Associate professor and lecturer at a variety of universities and business schools
  • President of the ZGP Zurich Association for Personnel Management
  • Director at the Future Work Forum, London
  • President of PERIKOM
  • President of the “Think Tank Thurgau”
  • Member of the Board of Directors at Belair Airlines AG (Air Berlin Switzerland)
  • Author of the book “Make the Future Possible”, as well as various professional articles about leadership and personnel management
  • Successful consultation of numerous companies ranging from SMEs to global players in the areas of HR strategy, leadership, change management and personnel policy

Leadership, personnel management and the ability to cope with change will make the difference between success and failure. My years of experience in the leadership teams of Lufthansa, Swissair and a wide range of other internationally-active companies proved this to me over and over again. «As times get tougher, human resource management needs to become better and better.»In 2006, my wife, Regine, and I founded the company “PeopleXpert”. We don’t market off-the-shelf concepts or management models, but rather put all of our effort into what you need and what will strenghten your personnel expertise.

This may include, for example, the joint development of a new personnel strategy, a specialized leadership training program for your management team or intensive individual coaching sessions for someone who finds himself in the career-change mode. In our range of consulting activities, we combine the “know” with the “how”. This means blending the most current findings from research and teachings with our own personal experience from a range of consulting projects with diverse companies and from many fields – from SMEs to international organizations. As the President of the ZGP Zurich Association for Personnel Management and Director of the Future Work Forum in London I am also ideally networked with numerous national and international experts.

Reading Recommendations

Frederic Laloux: Reinventing Organizations

18 Mar 2018

A very interesting insight into the work of Frederic Laloux on the topic of modern organizations.

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Stephan Hostettler: Distinguish between Leadership and Money

26 Dec 2016

The team should be rewarded for a successful transformation, not individuals. Food for thought from Stephan Hostettler (in German)

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Innovative book explaining new ways in HR marketing

31 July 2016

Jörg Buckmann, the former head of Recruiting at VBZ, the Zurich public transportation company, has written a cool book on HR Marketing.

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Deloitte: Global Human Capital Trends 2016

14 Apr 2016

Interesting study focusing on the latest trends in people management and organizational development. After a number of years of struggling to drive employee engagement and retention, and improve leadership, executives see a need to redesign the organization itself.

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5C-Framework for Managing Talent (Randall Schuler)

24 Mar 2016

An interesting article written by Prof. Randall Schuler about the impact of good talent management on the success of the company.

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What makes teams successful

21 Nov 2015

Interesting essay in the Tagesanzeiger (in German): Google has done research on the factors which makes teams particularly innovative. Surprisingly, the skills of the team members are not the most important factors.

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23.11.2015: interesting SF TV Feature

12 Nov 2015

TV Feature in German about people with health problems and handicaps at the labour markets

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Future of Work Study

06 Oct 2015

An interesting study by Bill Jensen ( with a fresh look at the future of work. Based on feedback by 7’635 people around the world, the study highlights the following 3 issues: How long will leaders hold back the future? We are asking the wrong questions. The future of work is personal.

The "Think Tank" coming together with the people

06 Apr 2015

He is the new president of the Think Tank Thurgau: Matthias Mölleney explains why the Thurgau idea forgers would like to interact more closely with the people in the future.

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Beyond Leadership

25 May 2015

Patrick Cowden, author of the best-selling book “Neustart”, talks on TED about his vision of a more people-oriented leadership approach.

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How to run a company with (almost) no rules

18 May 2015

Ricardo Semmler is the charismatric owner of the Brazilian company SEMCO. He explains why he thinks companies need less rules in people management to be successful.

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It's time to blow up HR and build something new (HBR)

09 July 2015

Businesses don’t create value; people do. Research by McKinsey and the Conference Board consistently finds that CEOs worldwide see human capital as a top challenge, and they rank HR as only the eighth or ninth most important function in a company. That has to change.

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08 July 2015


We combine the «know» with the «how»

Presentations and workshops:

Leadership, personnel management, HRM 2030, future development of the workplace, coping with change, crisis management, employer attractiveness to a variety of age groups, work-life balance.

Consulting projects:

Development of personnel strategies, reorientation of personnel management, design of leadership guidelines, establishment of an HR Shared Service Center, work schedule models, set up of a learning organization.


Leadership, Change Management, instruments and techniques of personnel management (for example, interview techniques, leadership of demanding employee appraisal interviews), on-boarding of new employees


New career orientation, personal development, handling of demanding leadership situations

Publications, Presentations & Videos

My weekly newsletter

My weekly newsletter with interesting articles from the world of Human Resources Management and Leadership

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03 Dec 2018

An introduction of the concept «Beyond Leadership»

18 Nov 2018

Prof. Dr. Sybille Sachs, Patrick Cowden and I are writing a book, currently, about the very innovative leadership concept «Beyond Leadership», which enables teams and organizations to improve the 3 most important factors trust, respect and appreciation in a very efficient and yet sustainable way. Until the book will be published in early summer 2019, you may download a short introduction here.

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Leadership needs Followership (in German)

05 Oct 2018

The times of almighty and omniscient leaders are gone. Bigger companies in particular have come to the conclusion that a single person at the top of a large organization cannot cope with the demand for agility and complexity. Traditional hierarchies have been improved over many decades and are still working, but they are too slow in a competition where speed is much more relevant than size.

We don't need faster horses (in German)

30 Sept 2018

in order to achieve significant improvements in HR, we don’t need faster horses. We should think about inventing cars instead. Therefore, we need to be more open in selecting the  people we discuss with. And we need to question the unquestionable.

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Investment in employees: walk the talk (article in German)

23 July 2018

Most companies say that they invest in their employees. What if they would really do that?

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Interivew: Power is the driving force for managers (in German)

04 July 2018

Ein Interview mit dem Migros Magazin über das Verhalten von Managern, ihre Anreizsysteme und die geänderten Anforderungen in einer immer agiler werdenden Welt.

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Podcast HRM

30 June 2018

Podcast of an interview of Christoph Stelzhammer with Matthias Mölleney on the subject of HRM and Change Management (in German)

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03 Mar 2018

12 May 2018

15 May 2018

Trust and Appreciation are key success factors (in German)

01 Mar 2018

That trust and appreciation are important, is not new. An interesting internal study at Google has now identified that they are the most important success factors for high performing teams.

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Conquering Digital Overload

07 Jan 2018download PDF >

Blog: Post-digital HRM

23 Nov 2017

HRM in a post-digital world needs to open our minds for the power of diversity, the power of self-steering collaboration and the power of trust.

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TV Contribution «Economy without Soul»

03 Sept 2017

A TV Talk about Ethics and Leadership, together with Johannes Czwalina (in German)

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Jobs: not everybody is prepared to be flexible (Interview in German - Sonntagszeitung 23 July, 2017)

24 July 2017

Companies are expecting from their employees a fast adaptation to the digital change. But they are facing resistance.

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15 July 2017

14 July 2017

Interview Züri Oberländer (in German)

12 June 2017

The midpoint between «work» and «life» is not identical for all people.

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Interview: «Digitalisierung, Frankenstärke, Altersreform - Arbeitsmarkt in der Krise?» (in German)

31 Mar 2017

Claudia Steinmann interviews Matthias Moelleney

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Doing things differently

01 Mar 2017

Based on the very good Master Thesis of Heidi Bösch we have jointly written this article about “Transformational HRM” which could be a good model for future-proof HR organizations (in German).

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What a robot is allowed to learn

01 Mar 2017

An intersting article from the Handelszeitung about Artificial Intelligence (in German)

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Management of Breaks

20 Oct 2016

Taking a break is important. That we know, but many managers still believe that breaks are for “softies” only. Why we should really take breaks? Why should be rethink our understanding of working time in general? The interview with Matthias Moelleney from the Lyreco Magazin (in German) has some answers.

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Interview with Matthias Moelleney in "Ostschweiz am Sonntag" of Sep 11, 2016

12 Sept 2016

Interview with Matthias Moelleney, focusing on his role as president of the Think Tank Thurgau

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Swiss TV: 15 years since the Bologna Reform

06 Sept 2016

TV Interview with Matthias Moelleney (in German) about the experience with the Bologna Reform in higher education

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Evidence-based HR Management (in German)

31 July 2016

The article, written together with Thomas Faust, former consultant at KPMG, explains what it needs to use data more effectively in a professional HR Management. It is written in German.

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Success factors in the age of «Industry 4.0»

18 May 2016

An essay (in German) about the fact that most innovation and development processes will remain “human” and about the importance of a company-wide cooperation-culture.

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Digitalization for HRM: fundamental change (Article in German)

12 Mar 2016

The digitalization offers unprecedented opportunities for HRM. In order to get the benefits out of it, HRM must re-think its organizational design fundamentally.

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Generation Y - A Challenge for Government and Administration (German)

31 Jan 2016

Everybody is talking about generation Y – but primarily from an employer’s perspective. How should governments and public administration adapt to cope with this new generation and its expectations? Where can we find new opportunities?

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Equal Salaries - how big are the differences? (in German)

09 Dec 2015

It’s a fact that we have not reached equal salaries, yet.  One of the open questions is, how big the differences are and how we could measure and eliminate them. We have thought about it.

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Where peopleXpert has been active:

Banking and insurance

  • International Insurance Companies (CH)
  • Asset Management Organizations (CH)
  • Business Banks (D and CH)

Service suppliers, trade organizations and transport/travel

  • International Airlines (CH)
  • Business Airlines (CH)
  • Hotels (CH)
  • Sport, Event and Hotel Facilities (CH)
  • Sports Association (CH)
  • International Trading Companies (CH)
  • International Strategy Consultants (CH)
  • Internet Network Suppliers (D)
  • Internet and multimedia companies (CH)
  • Health Insurance Companies (CH)
  • Personnel Service Providers (CH)

Industry and Technology

  • Chemical Industry (CH & A)
  • IT Systems Engineering and IT Security (D)
  • Digital Printing and Software Development (CH)
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Organization (CH)
  • Pharmaceutical Producer Start-up (CH)
  • Plant Construction Companies (CH and D)
  • Logistic System Suppliers (CH)
  • Construction Companies (CH)


  • International Organizations (UNO)
  • European Authorities (EU)
  • Federal Ministries (CH)
  • Federal Agencies (CH)
  • Cantonal Agencies (CH)
  • Municipalities (CH)
  • Cantonal Police Department (CH)

Health Care and other industries

  • International Hospital Groups (CH)
  • University Hospital (CH)
  • International Hospital Group (CH)
  • Special Hospital (CH / D)
  • Regional Hospitals (CH)
  • Publishers (CH)
  • Real Estate Management (D)
  • Architecture Offices (CH)


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