Matthias Mölleney

  • Director of the Center for Human Resources Management & Leadership at the HWZ Zurich School of Economics
  • Associate professor and lecturer at a variety of universities and business schools
  • Director at the Future Work Forum, London
  • President of the “Think Tank Thurgau”
  • President of the BoD at Bodensee-Arena AG, Kreuzlingen
  • Member of the BoD at Schifffahrtsgenossenschaft Greifensee
  • Deputy President of the Swiss Red Cross, Canton of Zurich
  • Author of the books «Beyond Leadership», «Transformational HRM» and «Make the Future Possible», as well as various professional articles about leadership and personnel management
  • Successful consultation of numerous companies ranging from SMEs to global players in the areas of HR strategy, leadership, change management and personnel policy

Leadership, personnel management and the ability to cope with change will make the difference between success and failure. My years of experience in the leadership teams of Lufthansa, Swissair and a wide range of other internationally-active companies proved this to me over and over again.

«As times get tougher, human resource management needs to become better and better»

In 2006, my wife, Regine, and I founded the company “PeopleXpert”. We don’t market off-the-shelf concepts or management models, but rather put all of our effort into what you need and what will strenghten your personnel expertise.

This may include, for example, the joint development of a new personnel strategy, a specialized leadership training program for your management team or intensive individual coaching sessions for someone who finds himself in the career-change mode. In our range of consulting activities, we combine the “know” with the “how”. This means blending the most current findings from research and teachings with our own personal experience from a range of consulting projects with diverse companies and from many fields – from SMEs to international organizations. As the President of the ZGP Zurich Association for Personnel Management and Director of the Future Work Forum in London I am also ideally networked with numerous national and international experts.


We combine the «know» with the «how»

Presentations and workshops:

Leadership, personnel management, HRM 2030, future development of the workplace, coping with change, crisis management, employer attractiveness to a variety of age groups, work-life balance.


Leadership, Agile Leadership, Change Management, instruments and techniques of leadership and people management (e.g, interview techniques, leadership of demanding employee appraisal interviews), on-boarding of new employees

Consulting projects:

Development of personnel strategies, re-organization of people management, change management, design of leadership guidelines, organizational development, agile working models, working time models


Team building, personal development, handling of demanding leadership situations


How could the workload in the HRM be reduced? (generated with Chat GPT 4)

11. February 2024

The importance of HRM has increased significantly during the pandemic – and so has the workload. However, it has not decreased after the pandemic subsided, but has remained at the (too) high level due to new topics such as artificial intelligence and the shortage of skilled workers. I asked Chat-GPT what can be done about this and whether there are any examples of success.

HR-Reputation – Keynote at the SVT 2023 (in German)

26. October 2023

The discussions about HRM reputation are old and repetitive. At the 10th Swiss Compensation Day on 26.10.2023, I gave a keynote speech on HR reputation and how to improve it (in German).

Interview: Leadership Crisis at the Swiss Red Cross (in German)

1. June 2023
Matthias Mölleney, the vice president of the Red Cross Canton of Zurich, comes to the defense of the heavily criticized president Barbara Schmid-Federer. He says, “The reason for the dispute is as old as the Swiss Red Cross itself.”

GDI study on the shortage of skilled workers (in German)

15. May 2023
A study by the GDI on the shortage of skilled workers in Switzerland commissioned by Migros that is well worth reading. In addition to an analysis of the causes, it also contains concrete tips and suggestions on how companies could counter the shortage of skilled workers.

Study on the shortage of skilled workers in Swiss aviation (in German)

27. März 2023
Our study on the shortage of skilled workers in Swiss aviation has confirmed that the vast majority of companies suffer from a lack of qualified applicants and in many cases are unable to fill vacancies sufficiently quickly. They do not expect the situation to improve in the next 1-3 years either.

Skills shortage challenges traditional power imbalance (in German)

24. März 2023
An interview in Strategy Dialog 21 The shortage of skilled workers is turning the traditional power imbalance between employers and employees on its head. Companies and their management must learn that they are no longer in the driver’s seat.

«Generational conflict in the workplace? I think that’s exaggerated» (Part 2, in German)

04. März 2023

An interview of Maja Sommerhalder with Matthias Mölleney on the question of whether generational conflicts really exist and how we might deal with them. (Part 2)

«Generational conflict in the workplace? I think that’s exaggerated» (Part 1, in German)

02. März 2023
An interview of Maja Sommerhalder with Matthias Mölleney on the question of whether generational conflicts really exist and how we might deal with them. (Part 1)

NZZ Interview (in German)

07. Jan. 2023
A longer interview on the subject of the shortage of skilled workers and current trends such as “Great Resignation” and “Quiet Quitting”. We can’t just carry on as we are, we either have to reduce our growth plans or introduce new, sometimes uncomfortable measures.

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Remote Working Update

26. June 2022
Those who thought remote work was the same as “normal” work, just in a different location, have not yet recognized the opportunities of remote work and should read this article from the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development) magazine.

Handelszeitung Interview regarding the Russian war against Ukraine

An interview with Handelszeitung about the Ukraine war, egomaniacs at the top and support in crisis situations (in German)

TV report on the subject of the 4-day week (In German)

SF TV: For Matthias Moelleney, it’s clear that the four-day week makes it easier to combine work and private life. You gain a lot of flexibility. But it would have to be carefully examined. For the head of the Center for Human Resource Management and Leadership at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich HWZ, however, the four-day model also raises questions: “Where is productivity supposed to come from?” If work has to be done more efficiently, faster, with fewer breaks and with less exchange among colleagues on four days, “Then that’s a pretty high price to pay. The question is: Does it pay off?”.

Enhancing Psychological Safety with Beyond Leadership (in German)

The world of work is undergoing a profound process of upheaval, accelerated by the pandemic. Traditional structures built on hierarchies are not flexible enough to respond to the numerous changes. They are increasingly being replaced by organizations built on cooperation.

Strategiehackathon (in German)

31. Jan 2022
Are you looking for an agile approach to strategy design in order to optimally incorporate the diverse and multidimensional developments into your entrepreneurial considerations? The strategy hackathon is a method for time-focused and cooperative strategy development and revision.

Accelerator for Teamwork (in German)

08. Jan. 2022
How successful a team is depends primarily on how well its members work together. Beyond Leadership is a concept that can raise the quality of collaboration to a new level within a very short time. It also offers a quick and sustainable solution to specific challenges and problems within the team.

Beyond Leadership – a social office operating system (in German)

29. Oct 2021
The office of the future will no longer be defined by its physical dimensions, but by the common purpose of existence, the so-called «purpose».

What is HRM actually responsible for?

03. Okt. 2021
Is HRM really just a professional service provider? Or is there more to it? An analysis of the development potentialIst

HWZ Working Paper: Aging Workforce – Integration of older employees into the world of work – illustrated by the example of the Swiss Cantonal Banks (in German)

16. Mar 2021
Using the example of the cantonal banks in German-speaking Switzerland, age management is examined from the perspective of employees.

HR Management – what can we expect in the next couple of years (in German)

02. Mar 2021
An article I wrote for PersonalSCHWEIZ and which appeared there in the February 2021 issue (in German)

HWZ Study «Social Connecting in Times of Physical Distance» (Abstract)

29. Jan 2021
The summary of a HWZ study on the possibilities, opportunities and problems of building trust in virtual collaborations.

HWZ Study «Social Connecting in Times of Physical Distance» (full version)

30. Jan. 2021
The scientific results of a HWZ study on the possibilities, opportunities and problems of building trust in virtual collaborations.

New HRM Business Model

30. Jan. 2021
An article which shows my thoughts concerning a potential new HRM business model

My new book «Beyond Leadership»

14. Sept. 2019

My new book, which I have written together with my colleague Prof Dr Sybille Sachs, is published both as a German and an English version. It is a kind of a handy workbook which provides the necessary foundation as well as practical tools for everybody who would like to try this new concept out, step by step. Link to the publisher

Leadership for a better future: Re-humanisation – oh, we forgot

03. July 2020

A joint article with Patrick Cowden in the special edition of the EFMD Global Focus magazine (Brussels)

Book contribution: Personnel management – what can we expect in the coming years? (in German)

03. July 2020

Digitization brings new and expanded competence requirements, while at the same time we are struggling with the increasing shortage of skilled workers. The pressure to further increase productivity and efficiency is growing, and at the same time the need to be innovative and to question the usual. What does this mean for personnel management?

Article Beyond Leadership in the journal OrganisationsEntwicklung (in German)

03. July 2020

A description of the concept Beyond Leadership and its practical application in the company Transa Backpacking AG, Zurich

Leadership Interview (in German)

16. Dec 2019

Management and Leadership need to be adapted to the conditions of modern, network-type organizations. Trust, respect and appreciation are the key values.

Leadership Interview (in German)

15. Oct 2019

A newpaper interview with the «Zürcher Oberländer». We have to get acquainted to loose stability and have to get used to working with insecurity. This includes a new understanding of leadership which is less based on a concentration of power and more on a just distribution of power down to where decisions are needed.

Beyond Leadership, how does it work (Video)

30. July 2019

A video wich explains how the Beyond Leadership Activation Circle works and what you need to consider before you try it out.

The Impact of Positive Feedback

30. July 2019

Who wants to know how feedback systems work and works well or not so well, may find a key to the answer in this article which also includes aspects from Behavioral Economics.

Article concerning employee feedback (in German)

03. Dec 2018

I don’t know many people who are looking forward to the ritual of the annual performance feedback. Perhaps, we should try to look at it from another perspective.

An introduction of the concept «Beyond Leadership»

18. Nov 2018

Prof. Dr. Sybille Sachs, Patrick Cowden and I are writing a book, currently, about the very innovative leadership concept «Beyond Leadership», which enables teams and organizations to improve the 3 most important factors trust, respect and appreciation in a very efficient and yet sustainable way. Until the book will be published in September, 2019, you may download a short introduction here.

Leadership needs Followership (in German)

05. Oct 2018

The times of almighty and omniscient leaders are gone. Bigger companies in particular have come to the conclusion that a single person at the top of a large organization cannot cope with the demand for agility and complexity. Traditional hierarchies have been improved over many decades and are still working, but they are too slow in a competition where speed is much more relevant than size.

We don’t need faster horses (in German)

30. Sept 2018

in order to achieve significant improvements in HR, we don’t need faster horses. We should think about inventing cars instead. Therefore, we need to be more open in selecting the  people we discuss with. And we need to question the unquestionable.

Investment in employees: walk the talk (article in German)

23. July 2018

Most companies say that they invest in their employees. What if they would really do that?

Interivew: Power is the driving force for managers (in German)

04. July 2018

Ein Interview mit dem Migros Magazin über das Verhalten von Managern, ihre Anreizsysteme und die geänderten Anforderungen in einer immer agiler werdenden Welt.

Podcast HRM

30. June 2018

Podcast of an interview of Christoph Stelzhammer with Matthias Mölleney on the subject of HRM and Change Management (in German)

Trust and Appreciation are key success factors (in German

01. Mar 2018

That trust and appreciation are important, is not new. An interesting internal study at Google has now identified that they are the most important success factors for high performing teams.

Conquering Digital Overload

07. Jan. 2018

Blog: Post-digital HRM

23. Nov 2017

HRM in a post-digital world needs to open our minds for the power of diversity, the power of self-steering collaboration and the power of trust.


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