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With all of the things we do, you as an individual – in your unique environment, with your comprehensive personality, your needs, your strengths, your own resources and values – are always in the foreground. I see it as my task to support you in such a way that you are able to generate and implement individual solutions for your new tasks.
«Planning a change in a career always includes your life’s plans.»People come to us – individuals ranging in age from 18 to 65 – with a wide range of backgrounds. Companies, institutions and municipal agencies also trust us to offer individualized support for their employees in handling the process of change and for their outsourcing needs.

You can expect a professional, systemic approach, sound coaching and an effective training. I will accompany you through your processes, using the methods that we developed here at peopleXpert in 2010 specifically to handle the demands of personal change and career reorientation.

It is very important for me that you reach your goals and take away a real and perceivable benefit from our work together.

«If you are not interested in a standard, “off-the-shelf” solution, then you have come to the right place.»

Accompanying you through the process

Coaching, consulting, training, Outplacement

If you really know who you are, exactly where you want to live and work, what you are good at, what you enjoy doing, then it will be much easier for you to act in a way that is beneficial for both you and your surroundings, that will make you successful. We can help you filter out what drives you, what can keep you healthy – and what doesn’t.

«Down-to-earth, goal-oriented, professional»

A new career orientation is always part of your life’s planning. For this reason it is really important to always keep in mind what the situation is right now and what it should become.

Together we take a look at what is important to you in your life, what makes sense for you and for the people around you. What exactly do you see right now as your task and what do you expect of the people near to you? Our approach is very intensive and will help you to move forward.

Your goals and how to achieve them will result from this process. Step by step you will recognize what you and your surroundings need.

«I will give you feedback and individually accompany as you move toward achieving your goal.»If you ever have any questions, just call or mail us. Appointments can also be made after 6 pm. The only condition: You still have enough energy to work hard on your issues for the next 2-3 hours.

Reading Recommendations


11. May 2015

PE_Bookicon_azurblau_150612   Maja Storch, Benita Cantieni, Gerald Hüther, Wolfgang Tschacher   “Understanding and Using the Interaction of Body and Mind”. A variety of perspectives make for a good mix. This makes it possible for everyone to find an approach to their topics in this book.

The slow-growth principle

07. May 2015

Svenja Hofert   It’s better to grow slowly than to go under quickly. Simple, very useful tips for a person setting up his/her own  business.

Power poses

16. May 2015

PE_Videoicon_azurblau_150612   Amy Cuddy Harvard Business School   Our body language plays a major role in how others perceive us, but it can also influence how we see ourselves. The social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows us how assuming a “power pose” can result in a self-confident posture, even if we are not consciously aware of the testosterone and cortisol levels in our brain. This may even have a positive impact on our chances of success.   Helpful two-minute exercises for just before a job interview and other challenging activities.

more >

Mind over body

10. May 2015

Stefan Spiess The author used to be a film director and lecturer at the University of St. Gallen, Executive School of Management, Technology and Law “Mind Over Body” It is important to be aware of the fact that the internal posture should lead us directly to our goal. Our body language signals will then follow automatically. If we understand how to consciously monitor and train our perception, that will help us tremendously to react appropriately to the person across the table.

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Power & Influence

16. May 2015

Deborah Gruenfeld Stanford Graduate Business School   Got 20 minutes to spare for a really important topic? A very clear and well-founded article about both verbal and non-verbal signals. Highly recommended!

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You would come to us regularly to work through your issues in a series of modules. We stay in close touch, either face-to-face, by telephone or by mail.

«Coaching is very personal – it needs to fit.»

You will gradually become clear about yourself, your situation and your new goals, your needs, those of your current or prospective employer and those of the people near to you in your private life.

You will become aware of your strengths and will come to realize where you have already put them to use successfully.

You learn how to adapt your methods of communication so that you send appropriate signals into your surroundings. This will help you to position yourself successfully or to capture that new job.

Together we will recreate and optimize your CV and formulate a motivational cover letter that fits perfectly.

Being well prepared and individually trained will give you the necessary security. Now you will be able to present yourself confidently and act professionally in job interviews, in your new job, as well as in contract and salary negotiations.

Your annual job appraisal is coming up? Clearly expressing your standpoint will help.


Where peopleXpert has been active:

Banking and insurance

  • International insurance companies (CH)
  • Asset management organizations (CH)
  • Business banks (D and CH)

Service suppliers, trade organizations and transport/travel

  • International airlines (CH)
  • Business airlines (CH)
  • Hotels (CH)
  • Sport, event and Hotel facilities (CH)
  • International trading companies (CH)
  • IT system suppliers (D)
  • International strategy consultants (CH)
  • Internet network suppliers (D)
  • International hospital groups (CH)
  • Regional hospitals (CH)
  • Internet and multimedia companies (CH)
  • Health insurance companies (CH)
  • Personnel service providers (CH)


  • Chemical industry (CH)
  • Pharmaceutical sales organizations (CH)
  • Pharmaceutical producer start-up (CH)
  • Plant construction companies (CH and D)
  • Logistic system suppliers (CH)
  • Construction companies (CH)


  • International organizations (UNO)
  • European authorities (EU)
  • Federal ministries (CH)
  • Federal agencies (CH)
  • Cantonal agencies (CH)
  • Municipalities (CH)

Other industries

  • Publishers (CH)
  • Real estate management (D)
  • Architecture offices (CH)



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